Flush Mount (Monitoring) Well Cover

The Prestige 8″ Flush Mount Well Covers are now H-20 Certified! We are proud to manufacture each of our flush mount well covers to the following specifications: Available Diameter Sizes:

  • 8″
  • 10″
  • 12″

Material: Tubing Wall 0.188 A500 Pipe Protective Coating:

  • Primed and powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Grey & Black available in stock
  • Custom colours available upon request and where appropriate volumes permit

Corrosion Resistant:

  • Tight fitting compression lock
  • Durable and long lasting seal
  • One bolt system securely locks compression plate in place with no wear-and-tear to the nut and bolt
  • Primed and powder coated using durable and corrosion resistant paint

Added Stability:

  • To comply with H-20 rating regulations all of Prestiges’ 8″ Flush Mount Well Covers will now have 2 – 1/2″ Square Bar anchors welded onto the base structures for added stability
  • Install directions distributed upon receipt of well covers

Our Flush Mount Well Covers are a unique design that provides both fast and efficient access to your well. Our system uses a one bolt compression seal lid which forms an air and water tight seal to prevent outside contaminants from seeping into your newly installed well. Compared to the traditional two bolt and gasket well cover, the one bolt compression ring design is user friendly and enables trouble free access to your well at a later date. Prestige also has Stainless 316 flush mount well covers for increased durability and designed for extremely corrosive environments. Request a quote or place an order here Please call Prestige at 604 371 0052 to discuss or fill in the following form to request a call back from us.