Our commitment to being Green:

Prestige Fab is committed to the long term benefits of being an environmentally conscious business. We love our planet just as much as you do— let us work together to make change.

We specialize in high quality fabricated products made from stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.

Prestige Fabrication is a continuous producer of products for the drilling, pharmaceutical, marine, and food industries. We are able to work onsite if needed and use aseptic techniques which are crucial for certain industries. We are constantly ensuring that our company is current with the latest technology and skills within our own industry as well as the industries we provide quality products for. We believe our products can improve ease and efficiency of a job for your company. Let us show you what quality looks like.

We offer extremely high quality products as a result of our experience with and our knowledge of the latest in cutting edge technology. We design and fabricate custom products working closely with the client to ensure satisfaction and attention to detail.

Our Mission

Prestige Fabrication was conceived in 2006 in my parents garage, now we have an industrial facility with great, experienced and skilled people that we are lucky enough to have as our team members. They believe and exude the foundation that PFAB was built on, which is Quality, Flexibility and Integrity.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and offering that “small business experience” to be sure your product is exactly what you need. Our professional team believes in commitment to our customers which in turn creates strong communication in order to produce an impeccable final product.

We are a trusted supplier to the following specialty sectors...

  • Custom Metal Creations

  • Custom Metal Creations